Multibrackets Dual Vertical officeline
Multibrackets Dual Vertical officeline
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Multibrackets Dual Vertical officeline

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M VESA Deskmount Officeline Dual Vertical Black - Mounting kit ( dual-screen, back to back mounting arm ) for LCD display - black - screen size: 15" - 30" - table mount

M VESA Deskmount Officeline Dual Vertical Black frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity. Flexible, sleek and streamlined, the Dual Vertical version you can position two screens ontop of each other. Create a monitorwall on your desk.
Reposition your LCD´s with ease and align them with the ones positioned next to each other. Tilt, upwards tilt, left or right is now just a matter of your choice.

Finally comfort and ergonomics is really possible to achieve while building a multiple screen solution on a desk. With the M VESA Deskmount Officeline Dual Vertical Black you can easily manage each screens specific position.

The M VESA Deskmount Officeline Dual Vertical Black works with almost all LCD screens on the market supporting VESA standards of 75/100mm holding screens weight up to 8 kg each, height of pillar is 710mm allowing two screens up to aprox combined 930mm height.


  • A high level designed productline for office use
  • Made for the semi professional user
  • Creates maximum ergonomic comfort for displays up to 30"
  • Simplified installation and simple after adjustment possibilities
  • Plexi based cable management (included)
  • Optional through hole installation with Grommet Base
  • M VESA Deskmount Officeline Grommet Base Black - Art: 5884